1)The government faces the major task of how to (     ) the problem of the large number of unemployed temporary workers in the manufacturing industries.


①overcome ②prevail ③sustain ④enhance


2) (     ) all the advanced countries reduced their carbon dioxide emissions,

If China does not do so, the effort would be meaningless.


①As if ②Even if ③So that ④Wherever


3) Upon (     ) of a written application, the embassy will begin procedures to issue you a working visa.


①agreement ②completion ③achievement ④termination

4) He had worked as a cancer researcher before (     ) to his position as the Head of  Oncology at the Mayo Clinic.


①being appointed ②he appointed ③appointing ④appoint


5) The high-speed optical fiber company was giving a major discount to new (      ) to their services.


①readers ②contributors ③successors ④subscribers


6) Please (     ) our inability to replace your camera as requested because you purchased it more than a year ago and your warranty does not cover it.


①tolerate ②pardon ③depreciate ④assure


7) (     ) changes being made in our ordering system, the model number of the furniture that is being ordered must be given so that the computer can feed the appropriate information.


①Because of ②While ③Unless ④Regardless of


8) The (     ) supplier of women’s clothes to the Wyatt Department Store is the Bobbi Brown Manufacturing Company.


①ruling ②promising ③dominant ④preferable


9) The rating of the hotel is made in (     ) of the quality of service shown to the guests.


①case ②place ③honor ④terms


10) Automakers, seeking to reduce the fuel consumption of their products, are well aware that the technology to do so is already (     ) available.


①readily ②reluctantly ③voluntarily ④willingly